Intelligent Recommendation & Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering


As software projects continue to grow in size and importance, the need for intelligent, diverse, personalised, and sustainable requirements grows as well. Creating and maintaining such requirements demands tool support beyond what is currently offered. OpenReq satisfies these needs.


The goal of OpenReq is to build an intelligent recommendation and decision system for community-driven require­ments engineering. OpenReq recommends, prioritises, and visualises requirements using novel techniques developed at leading research institutes.


The outcomes of OpenReq touch a broad set of communities. OpenReq provides actionable feedback for software practitioners, novel contributions for the scientific community, and solid foundations for the open-source requirements engineering community.


Find the features that are right for you and your requirements lifecycle. OpenReq offers a range of functionality across four technical workpackages.

requirements intelligence

Requirements Intelligence

Identify, analyse, and understand your users’ desires and the problems they face. Find clarity in the data.

  • Continuously collect feedback
  • Automatically remove noise
  • Aggregate and visualise the results

Personal Recommendations for Stakeholders

Context-dependent recommendations are the new standard in specialised knowledge. Give your stakeholders competitive advantage by using the personal recommendations provided by OpenReq.

  • Screen and recommend relevant requirements
  • Improve requirements quality
  • Recommend relevant stakeholders
Eclipse Plugin to OpenReq Requirements Engineering project
Group Decision Support OpenReq feature

Group Decision Support

Your stakeholders already know best. It’s time to harness their knowledge with algorithms that prioritise and delegate at scale.

  • Enhance stakeholder participation
  • Identify diverse preferences
  • Resolve critical conflicts

Knowledge and Dependency Management

Software products exist longer than one development lifecycle, so should clean requirements. Extend the life of your requirements.

  • Identify requirements dependencies
  • Support requirements reasoning
  • Encourage healthy reuse of requirements

Choose the product that is right for you

OpenReq supports three adoption strategies. All are open source.

Self-Hosted APIs

  • Development ready
  • No feature bloat
  • Functionality à la carte

OpenReq Live

  • Ready to use
  • Curated functionality
  • Everyone in mind


  • Custom integrations
  • Easy to hook up
  • Interface ready

OpenReq is Open Source!

OpenReq has always been an open-source initiative from the beginning, and is built upon a dedicated community. Interested in implementation details? Looking to contribute? Or just want to star our repo? Dive into the project on GitHub today!

OpenReq is open source


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