Advanced requirements management tools to software projects

Developing Solutions to Requirements Engineering Problems

OpenReq is an EU Horizon 2020 framework project that aims to provide better requirements engineering to your organisation. We are driving for improvements in the areas of requirements identification, classification and decision making support.

The improvements we are looking for can be achieved through improved processes, methods and tools. OpenReq is also looking at hot topics like artificial intelligence methods to help with managing requirements and requirement extraction from natural language like social media posts.

The project will foster a continuous involvement of all stakeholders, including users, analysts, developers, managers, and communities, in requirements engineering activities and enable a highly interactive requirements management, quality assurance, and decision-making process. The OpenReq approach will be particularly applicable to a need-driven, user-centered development, deployment, and evolution of software-enabled products and services.

OpenReq will evaluate the innovations in a series of trials provided by the project industrial partners in the domains of telecom, transportation, and cross-platform open source software.

OpenReq is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 732463.