Advanced requirements management tools to software projects

Solutions to Requirements Engineering Problems

Our aim is to provide better requirements engineering to organisations. These are some of the problems that the OpenReq project is targeting.

  • How to handle a large number of requirements from customers asking for features to a product?
  • How to notice and manage duplicate bug reports?
  • Could we develop better tools to deal with bugs and requirements?
  • How to notice relationships between requirements?
  • How is it possible to produce a single recommendation to a group of people with conflicting views?

We are looking for improvements in the areas of requirements identification, classification and decision-making support. These improvements can be achieved through improved processes, methods and tools.

The goal of OpenReq is to build an intelligent recommendation and decision system for community-driven requirements engineering. The system shall recommend, prioritise, and visualise requirements.

The OpenReq project gathers together both academic and industrial partners looking for the best ways to ease organisations´ requirements engineering. The project evaluates its innovations in a series of trials provided by the project´s industrial partners in the field of telecom, transportation and cross-platform open source software.

The OpenReq project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 732463.