The partners of the OpenReq project have published books, book chapters, journal articles and papers in conferences and workshops. Also the project is the source for several PhD, MsC and BsC thesis, some finished, others ongoing. The list of publications is continuously updated.

Atas, Müslüm; Felfernig, Alexander; Stettinger, Martin; Tran, Thi Ngoc Trang
Beyond item recommendation: Using recommendations to stimulate knowledge sharing in group decisions
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9th International Conference on Social Informatics, SocInfo, volume 10540 LNCS, pages 368-377. Oxford, United Kingdom,  13-15 September 2017.

Borrull, Ricard; Costal, Dolors; Franch, Xavier; Quer, Carme
Research on NLP for RE at UPC: A Report
Workshop NLP4RE @ REFSQ’18.

Felfernig, Alexander; Boratto, Ludovico; Stettinger, Martin; Tkalčič, Marko
Group Recommender Systems. An Introduction
Springer Briefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering 2018.

Felfernig, Alexander; Stettinger, Martin; Falkner, Andreas; Atas, Müslüm; Franch, Xavier; Palomares, Christina
OpenReq: Recommender Systems in Requirements Engineering
RS-BDA’17, pages. 1-4. Graz, Austria, 2017.

Felfernig, Alexander; Walter, Rouven; Galindo, José A.; Benavides, David; Polat Erdeniz, Seda; Atas, Müslüm; Reiterer Stefan
Anytime diagnosis for reconfiguration
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 2018.

Felfernig, Alexander; Spöcklberger, Johannes; Samer, Ralph; Stettinger, Martin; Atas, Müslüm; Tiihonen, Juha; Raatikainen, Mikko
Configuring Release Plans
Proceedings of the 20th Configuration Workshop, volume 2220., pages 9-14. Graz, Austria, 27-28 September 2018.

Felfernig, Alexander; Stettinger, Martin; Atas, Muslum; Samer, Ralph; Nerlich, Jennife; Scholz, Simon; Tiihonen, Juha; Raatikainen, Mikko
Towards Utility-Based Prioritization of Requirements in Open Source Environments
2018 IEEE 26th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), pages 406-411. Banff, Alberta, Canada, 20-24August 2018.

Fucci, Davide; Palomares, Cristina; Franch, Xavier; Costal, Dolors; Raatikainen, Mikko; Stettinger, Martin; Kurtanovic, Zijad; Kojo, Tero; Koenig, Lars; Falkner, Andreas; Schenner, Gottfried; Brasca, Fabrizio; Männistö, Tomi; Felfernig, Alexander; Maalej, Walid
Needs and Challenges for a Platform to Support Large-scale Requirements Engineering: A Multiple-case Study
Proceedings of the 12th ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM ’18), pages 19:1-19:10. Oulu, Finland, 11-12 October 2018.

Fucci, Davide; Stanik, Christoph; Montgomery, Lloyd; Kurtanovic, Zijad; Johann, Timo; Maalej, Walid
Research on NLP for RE at the University of Hamburg: a Report
Workshop NLP4RE @ REFSQ’18.

Furnari, Carlos Adrián; Palomares, Cristina; Franch, Xavier
ORSIM: Integrating Existing Software Components to Detect Similar Natural Language Requirements
Posters and Tools Track @ REFSQ’18.

Johann, Timo; Stanik, Christoph; Alizadeh B., Alireza M; Maalej, Walid
SAFE: A Simple Approach for Feature Extraction from App Descriptions and App Reviews
IEEE 25th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), pages 21-30. Lisbon, Portugal, 2017.

Kurtanović, Zijad; Maalej, Walid
Mining User Rationale from Software Reviews
IEEE 25th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE),  pages 61-70. Lisbon, Portugal, 2017.

Kurtanović, Zijad; Maalej, Walid
Automatically Classifying Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Using Supervised Machine Learning
IEEE 25th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), pages 490-495. Lisbon, Portugal, 2017.

Kurtanović, Zijad; Maalej, Walid
On user rationale in software engineering
Requirements Engineering Journal 2018

Myllärniemi, Varvana; Kujala, Sari; Raatikainen, Mikko; Sevónn, Piia
Development as a journey: factors supporting the adoption and use of software frameworks
Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development 2018.

Mäenpää, Hanna; Raatikainen, Mikko; Tiihonen, Juha; Kojo, Tero; Männistö, Tomi
Intelligent, community-driven requirements engineering
Poster in poster session at OSS 2017: IFIP International Conference on Open Source Systems.

Palomares, Cristina; Franch, Xavier; Fucci, Davide
Personal Recommendations in Requirements Engineering: The OpenReq Approach
REFSQ 2018: Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality.

Polat Erdeniz, Seda; Felfernig, Alexander; Atas, Muesluem; Tran, Thi Ngoc Trang; Jeran, Michael; Stettinger, Martin
Cluster-Specific Heuristics for Constraint Solving
IEA/AIE 2017: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: From Theory to Practice.

Quer, Carme; Franch, Xavier; Palomares, Cristina; Falkner, Andreas; Felfernig, Alexander; Fucci, Davide; Maalej, Walid; Nerlich, Jennifer; Raatikainen, Mikko; Schenner, Gottfired; Stettinger, Martin; Tiihonen, Juha
Reconciling Practice and Rigour in Ontology-Based Heterogeneous Information Systems Construction
IFIP Working Conference on The Practice of Enterprise Modeling. Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP), volume 335, pages 205-220. Vienna, Austria, 31 October-2 November 2018.

Raatikainen, Mikko; Tiihonen, Juha; Männistö, Tomi; Felfernig, Alexander; Stettinger, Martin; Samer, Ralph
Using a Feature Model Configurator for Release Planning
Proceedings of the 22Nd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference, volume 2, pages 29-33. Gothenburg, Sweden, 10-14 September 2018.

Stanik, Christoph; Montgomery, Lloyd; Martens, Daniel; Fucci, Davide; Maalej, Walid
A Simple NLP-based Approach to Support Onboarding and Retention in Open-Source Communities
34th International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME’18).

Tiihonen, Juha; Raitahila, Iivo; Raatikainen, Mikko; Felfernig, Alexander; Männistö, Tomi
Generating Configuration Models from Requirements to Assist in Product Management: Dependency Engine and its Performance Assessment
Proceedings of the 20th Configuration Workshop, volume 2220, pages 69-76. Graz, Austria, 23 September 2018.