Getting ready for the OpenReq meeting in Rome from 2 to 4 May 2018


Getting ready for the OpenReq board meeting in Rome from May 2-4, 2018

May 2-4, 2018

The next OpenReq board meeting will be held in Rome from 2 to 4 May 2018. What is on the agenda in Rome is the general revision of the project with a specific emphasis on midterm review preparations.

The representatives of the Qt Company, the University of Helsinki and the University of Hamburg (see the picture above) organised a face to face meeting in Helsinki on 19 April to get ready for the meeting. The focus was on the Qt Trial.

After Rome, the following meetings will be organised from 3 to 5 July in Helsinki and around the 3 to 7 September in Brussels. The Brussels meeting is the midterm review of the project.

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