OpenReq at the Tag des Wissens


OpenReq at the Tag des Wissens

September 22, 2018

Daniel Martens, Marlo Häring, and Christoph Stanik represented MAST, Forum 4.0, OpenDataStudio, and OpenReq at the Tag des Wissens. The Tag des Wissens is a public event at which researchers present and discuss their work with interested citizens.

The researchers held one presentation and, in addition, one interactive workshop for kids. The talk was about “Data Analytics”. They covered the basics of the field and its application in the research areas of App Stores and Online Journalism.

Further, the researchers explained how they analyse user comments automatically to, for instance, identify bug reports and feature requests in app stores. The task would be difficult to do manually. The reason for this is that popular apps receive thousands of user comments each day. Automated analysis of data is, among other things, one of the topics  researchers at the EU project OpenReq address.

To sum up some facts about the event, its theme was “Technik und Digitale Welten” (Technology and Digital Worlds). It took place on 22 September at the Hamburg University of Technology TUHH. With about 4,500 visitors, this event generated a lot of interest and a campus full of curious and knowledge seeking citizens.

Are you interested for more information?

For more information, see the University of Hamburg webpage.

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