Advisory board

The Advisory Board consists of external experts, who are internationally renowned experts both from academia and
industry. The advisory committee is regularly invited to workshops and plenaries. They will act as mentors for the
project and as internal reviewers. They will also support dissemination activities. The members are:

  • Daniela Damian, CA, Professor of Software Engineering at the University of Victoria, head of the Software
    Engineering Global Interaction Lab, studies socio-technical and organizational aspects in software development,
    board member of major journals including IEEE TSE, JSS, EMSE, RE, and SPIP.
  •  Anthony Finkelstein, UK. Dean of the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, co-founder of the RE community,
    chief scientific advisor of the British Government.
  • Gerti Kappel, AT. Full Professor at TU Wien, head of Business Informatics, an expert in model
    and process engineering. Numerous successful innovation projects (national, EU and international).
  • Francisco J Martin , US/Spain. Invent & commercialize AI systems (incl. APIs & cloud), co-author of 6
    patents acquired by Apple, founder of three 100+ companies, raised $100MM+ venture capitals.
  • Bamshad Mobasher , US. Full Professor at DePaul U. in Chicago, Director of the Centre of Web Intelligence
    and Centre for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics, author of seminal papers on Recommenders in RE, with more than 16k
    citations, Associate editor of three ACM Transactions journals.
  • Nicole Novielli , IT Professor at U Bari, leading expert in natural language processing, affective computing,
    and collaborative software engineering. “SIR – Scientific Independence” Grant Holder.
  • Cedric Thomas , FR OW2 CEO, singled out as one of top 10 IT industry personalities in France, investor,
    strategic and marketing consultant for IT vendors and systems integrators.
  • Andrea Ross , US, Director of Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation, responsible for He has vast experience in mediating between research, practice, and open source, excellent connection to Open Source evangelists through co-leading initiatives such as Facebook Open Academy.